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Best-of-breed Platforms

Project Planning

Whether your construction project entails residential, commercial, or industrial work, the right selection of construction platforms will help plan tasks and objectives, create better estimates, maintain security, achieve significant gains in productivity and efficiency and get a better control of your job costs.

System Design

Our experience has taught us that the power of the platform needs a kick start and so we built a set of configurations, rules, code and documents that add to the best-of-breed platforms to get users to value much much faster. Choosing the right platforms is a part of the battle, getting to value fast is also a part and those platforms need to be managed and optimised.

Budget Planning

We understand that budgets are tight so you need to show value fast for any committed investment. Platformers provides you with a range of options to get your and your team FLICKING the paperwork as quickly and as cost effective as possible. All our recommended platforms are tailored to the key roles in your business and ensure you only buy and use what you know will deliver you and your team results.


Best-of-breed Platforms

Choosing the right platform for your business can feel like an overwhelming task, especially when confronted with the large number of platforms, apps and options available.
A busy construction worker needs to spend time managing project and business activities rather than doing product research, comparisons and training.

Whats more, platforms become more important to your growing business every year. Choosing and managing the ‘right’ platforms has become a priority of your business.


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Companies in mature industries have cautiously adopted some newer technologies that can automate and optimize business processes. After working with many amazing companies implementing our project management software, we realized that a dizzying series of software is a curse, not a blessing. Too many choices was not just a problem in project management, but on all platforms and in your entire business. Platformers want to help you improve efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain, helping you choose wisely …
You will start with a free consultation to help us understand your business needs, challenges and future aspirations
We will use our software expertise to find the platforms and applications that will provide the greatest benefit to your business knowledge
We will help you install and deploy your chosen software and train your staff on how to use it

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Platformers want to help you improve efficiency and productivity throughout the supply chain, helping you make wise choices and leaving you and your team with the platforms and skills you need to succeed.
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